Future of Truck Mounted Applications in India

Raghunandan Jagdish (CEO, Nandan GSE) & Bharat Dhruv (Ex-Head Applications, Tata Motors)

Win. Win. Win

How to create a Win Win Win scenario for the Customer, OEM & the Dealer even in a slow growth market.

Experience Talks

Gain from the combined experience of both speakers of 50+ years, innovated & developed 200+ Applications.


The future is ushering in an era of collaborations for unique Truck Mounted Applications that combine Body-building, Hydraulics, Design etc.

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1 thought on “Future Of Truck Mounted Applications In India”

  1. Dear Sir,
    1. My congratulations for a clear and lucid expose’ on the subject Mr Raghunandan. It was invigorating to learn of the milestones accomplished by your firm and a pleasure to see your obvious pride in your organisation and, more importantly, your people. With your approach and readiness to continue to seek and capitalise on learning, I am sure your company is well poised to excel in what you do.
    2. That said, let me share my views and thoughts on what you and Mr. Dhruv have shared.
    3. Firstly, I agree. The win-win-win is, as you have proven, is highly viable and sustainable and very much the best (if not only) way forward! For such endeavour to actually work and succeed, the right kind of leadership is most essential. Moreover, it cannot be brought about unless the leadership of each contributing entity is fully involved and updated at all times with the project in hand.
    4. Secondly, as Mr Dhruv correctly highlighted, the key role is of the system integrator. As such, primacy must be given to him and it should be him exercising final ‘say’ when brainstorming optional approaches.
    5. Having spent my entire service of 32 years in the Army and that too in the mobile forces, and thereafter handled application of cutting edge technologies in the defence domain working in an MNC, my third comment is quite naturally rooted in my own experiences. Simply stated, what I see as a major opportunity to your line of work is this… Our country has a plethora of truck mounted systems imported from many different parts of the world. Most of these systems are systems that have been custom designed keeping the environs of those countries or regions in mind. Our country’s environs and circumstances are unique but, thus far, owing to a paucity of resources, we have had no option than to adapt these imported systems to meet our needs. Such adaptation and modification has mostly followed the band-aid approach rather than the integrated systems approach that is undoubtedly the best. Many times, such approach has resulted in reducing the effectiveness of the truck or armoured chassis mounted system rather than enhancing it. For example, standard industrial welding done on a combat vehicle resulted in reducing the ability of it’s armour to defeat the enemy’s projectile fired at it. In another case such welding resulted in rendering an amphibious vehicle unfit for flotation.
    6. Two distinct opportunities emerge from this:
    – Firstly, now that the means have indeed become available (i.e., defence budgets are now available) it is an opportunity for Mr Dhruv and Mr. Raghunandan to jointly synergise with the customer and apply their skills to build vehicle chassis mounted applications/systems truly custom designed for Indian specifics. The time is also right because the customer has suffered at the hand of the DRDO organisations and PSUs for so long that he has lost all faith in their abilities and is desperately looking for an alternative.
    – Secondly, the opportunity that can immediately be addressed is to effectively convey capability to our armed forces through an intense awareness drive and thereby encourage them to address the multiple requirements they have with the equipment they currently have to render it optimally adapted to Indian environs. The opportunities for this are huge. Users have gotten so used to keeping mum on them owing to the earlier half-starved financial and technical environments that what that requires is probably some kick-starting through some pilot projects. Believe me, once the user opens his eyes and mind, the order books of all companies working in these niche areas will remain full for a long time to come!
    7. That is what I have by way of comment. In terms of query, what I would like to know is this – Does the Industry body have a viable eco-system to propose to the nation for such an endeavour? What would it require in terms of policy and regulations and how can that be brought about?
    8. I would appreciate your candid response to my queries at [email protected] or on mobile number +91 9987534130
    Wishing you all success in beating the recession.
    With Warm Regards,
    Col Sanjay Kishore, Veteran

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