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Live Webinar - Re-Imagine Bulk Material Handling

An interactive Webinar showcasing the MASSIVE advantage of Container Tilters

Mr Raghu has had extensive conversations with thought leaders across industries and all of them echoed similar concerns about bulk material movement.
Key pain points pointed out by the decision-makers were:

1. Packaging & labour costs
2. Loading/unloading time
3. Material wastage
4. Stricter safety rules for handlers
And most importantly in today’s age and time:
5. Providing contact-free supplies for food-grade commodities

Topics Covered in Webinar
What’s in it for You?

Nandan GSE is a 30-yr young company which specialises in Material Handling Equipment. We have come up with a revolutionary Made in India product – Container TilterThis equipment makes short work of big loads by streamlining bulk transfer of commodities into Containers viz. Food-grains, Sugar, Soya, Fertilisers, Minerals, Cement, Scrap, Resins among others.

28th January 2021 - 3.30 PM to 5.00 PM

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