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UPCOMING! Are you struggling with inefficient space utilization in your factory? Are you seeking solutions that not only maximize productivity but also promote safety and profitability? Register Now!
Dr Raghu In Conversation with Sudhanshu Mani
Discover the fascinating journey of innovation, engineering excellence, and the future of Indian railways in this enlightening talk.
Transforming Material Handling in Logistics & Warehousing Industry
In this webinar we explore crucial topics related to the safe & efficient handling of materials in the Logistics & Warehousing Industry.
Entrepreneur Story Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, MD – CEO of Nandan GSE Pvt. Ltd.
Explore the inspiring journey of Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, MD, and CEO of Nandan GSE Pvt. Ltd., a true entrepreneurial success story.
Transforming Material Handling In Pharma & Chemical Industry
Gain insights & solutions that ensure safe handling of hazardous & sensitive materials in the pharmaceutical & chemical industry
Unlocking India's Manufacturing Potential
Discover strategies to revolutionize material management in factories and accelerate India's manufacturing potential.
Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish discusses ergonomic improvements for cost-saving and profit-boosting in factory operations.
Bharat Dhruv (Ex- Tata Motors) & Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish discuss the future of truck mounted applications in India

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